From Normal To Mogul: Youtube Beauty Stars

ImageImagine waking up during any time of the day, being your own boss, working in the comfort of your own home all while getting companies to send you free things. From makeup, to hair products, to home goods and even fan mail. Well folks, while this may sound like a dream job to us, it is a reality to many. Youtube “beauty gurus” daily routines consist of filming daily outfit of the days, celebrity make up looks, and even house tours.  Dulcecandy87, Pbbunny97, jlovesmac1, carlibybel and so much more. If any of these names ring a bell then you know that all these girls have all made a name for themselves in “Youtube Land”. With over 10k followers on any social media sites you can possibly think of. These girls work morning to night, while this job might seem glamours it is a very tough and challenging job as well. Many of these girls have to deal with what I call cyber bullying. Constantly waking up to negative comments criticizing their appearance and morals these girls get no break. They not only are their own directors, editors, actresses and managers making Youtube videos can be a very challenging job. They constantly have to make videos that top what they previously posted as well as pleasing their subscribers by showing them what they want to see. This job requires a person who is motivated, dedicated and most importantly has tough skin. While many only see the fabulous side of this job, it is so much more than a new Michael Kors purse. It is about having a passion and sharing it with the world. So think about it, they next time you get on Youtube and want to search “how to do a smokey eye”. Take the time to really watch the amount of work and detail that are put in to these videos. It is not a job that is for everyone and many do not seem to appreciate the fact that without these “gurus” you would not know the difference between a stippling brush and a kabuki brush.


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